This package allows you to filter, search and sort models while fetching from database with ease. It contains additional functionality to use query strings to filter, search and sort.

Once installed you can filter, search and sort Models. You can create own filters based on our base filters, create individual filters, or use one of the predefined ready to use filters like TrashedFilter.

Additionally you can use the visualisation functionality of filters.

Create your first filter

php artisan make:filter CreatedAfterFilter --type=date --field=created_at
// Set the filter mode
// App\Models\Filters\CreatedAfterFilter
public FilterMode $mode = FilterMode::GREATER_OR_EQUAL;

// Apply this filter and the HasFilters trait to a Model
// App\Models\Post
use HasFilters;
protected array $filters = [

// Somwhere in a controller, select all posts created after 1st of January 2023
Post::filter(['created_after_filter' => '2023-01-01'])->get();

// Do the same via query string by calling
// this url: https://.../posts?created_after_filter=2023-01-01

All filters have a blade template that can visualize the filter with one or multiple input fields. To visualize all filters of a dedicated model you can use a blade component:

<x-lacodix-filter::model-filters :model="Post::class" />

Sometimes you don't need all of the filters for all parts of a web application. Maybe there shall be different filters be available to the backend as in the frontend, or different user types shall be able to use different filters.

For such cases this package offers filter grouping when adding filters to models

protected array $filters = [
    'frontend' => [
    'backend' => [

The groups can be used in the scopes



Post::filter(['hot_filter' => 'hot'], 'frontend')->get();
Post::filter(['created_after_filter' => '2023-01-01'], 'backend')->get();
// add searchable fields and the IsSearchable trait to Model:
// App\Models\Post
use IsSearchable;
protected array $searchable = [

// Somewhere in controller, find all posts that contain "test" in title or content

// Do the same via query string by calling
// this url: https://.../posts?search=test
// add sortable fields and the IsSortable trait to Model:
// App\Models\Post
use IsSortable;
protected array $sortable = [

// Somewhere in controller, get all post sorted by title in descending order
Post::sort(['title' => 'desc'])->get();

// Do the same via query string by calling
// this url: https://.../posts?sort[title]=desc

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